Knowledge Is Our Business.

The motto of our co-founder’s family is nunquam non paratus, which is Latin for “never unprepared.” The last of those words, paratus, represents what we do. Our sites aim to prepare — and empower — our readers through knowledge.

Whether it’s through simple product reviews or deep life reflections, we believe that what we know can shape our lives and make them better. That’s why we write.

Our websites include:

Who We Are:

Paratus Publishing, LLC is co-founded and co-owned by Joshua and Rachael Johnston. Joshua is an educator, writer, editor, and traditionally published novelist with years of experience in content writing. Rachael is a former copy editor for a small market newspaper and a longtime blogger and proofreader.

We launched our first site, Aldi Reviewer, in 2016, a site which now reaches millions of readers every year. We followed that up by launching A Well Advised Life in 2018 and Dollar Store Reviewer in 2019.

And we’re always thinking about what’s next.